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Kevin Hamilton Smith
Software Engineer
I love JavaScript and web programming

About Me

Hey! I’m Kevin.

I build apps for the web.

I have extensive knowledge of modern JavaScript development using frameworks and tools like React, Typescript, GraphQL, Sass/Less, Backbone, etc. I combine these technologies with clean, responsive front-end design. My specialty is building incredible experiences for users of my software, hand in hand with product and design.

I currently work for MasterControl as a Senior Software Engineer. Previously, I was a founding principal engineer at SPOTLYFE, I was a team lead at ExpertVoice, and a front end engineer at

Back in 2013, I started a company called Spread Stoke, which is a user-contributed online magazine, and was the sole engineer on that project. I also started a company called Ski Town Restaurants, which was a niche dining guide to various mountain towns in Utah and Colorado.

I love deep powder, smooth singletrack, fresh cut fairways, and pocket aces.


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Interested in contacting me?

Want to meet up to talk about Javascript, web apps, skiing, or poker?
You can get in touch with me on LinkedIn or Github

Things I've Built

Spread Stoke
ExpertVoice Profile User Profile Comment System
Reddit Insight
Ski Town Restaurants Activity Feed