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Backcountry.com Activity Feed

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The activity feed is a prominent feature on the Backcountry.com homepage. It is an interactive widget that allows users to see the most recent updates of the athletes and community members they follow, along with the most popular content across the entire website. The activity feed pulls in user-contributed content like product reviews, submitted photos and videos, and questions to the community.

Because it is on the homepage, which gets millions upon millions of pageviews, the speed of the activity feed was of upmost importance. Heavily optimized and streamlined javascript, caching, and lazy-loading data and images all helped to keep this feature lean and fast.

The activity feed consumes a REST API endpoint, with personalized data for logged in/recognized users. Technologies used in this project include Backbone.js, jQuery widget factory, Underscore, Sass, Compass, and QUnit for testing.

You can see the activity feed on the Backcountry.com homepage.