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Hack Reactor Student Blogs

I have gathered up a selection of Hack Reactor student blogs and personal websites. You may be curious as to what past students have experienced, or what other students have built with their newly acquired web engineer skills. Enjoy browsing!

April 2013 Cohort:
Jake Seip:
Evan Peelle:
Alex Gaputin:
Eric Levin:
Dylan O’Carroll:
Brian Chu:
Bianca Gandolfo:
Elle Beal:
Patrick Stapleton:
Charles Holbrow:
Eric Levin:
Combiz Salehomoum:

March 2013 Cohort
Andrew Magliozzi:
Selby Walker:
Blake Embrey:
Mark Lee:
Nima Mehanian:

January 2013 Cohort
Mark Wilbur:
Mike Adams:
Coleman Foley:
Howard Tang:
John Katsnelson:
Tony Thomson:
Gavin McDermott:
Andreas Nauleau:

November 2012 Cohort
CJ Winslow:
Christen Thomson:
Henry Zhu:

Let me know if you know of any others to add to the list!

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